Treasure chest of the Temple of Life Temple Box | Mar. 2023

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Treasure chest of the Temple of Life Temple Box ✦ Mar.

| Redemption list |  EXCHANGE TABLE |

Part.1 Tattoo manuscripts redeemable in March

✺2000 points + 100 cash 

Obtained 1 tattoo

(For personal use only, each person is limited to one per month)

✧2000 Temple points +100¥  = A Tattoo from Flash above

( For personal use only , One month One Tattoo , please getting the tattoo in the same month )

✺ You need to complete the tattoo in the store in the same month, and each picture will only be redeemed once, on a first-come, first-served basis

Existing manuscripts | JARRIANE

Minimal Style 


Arno manuscript|Marino 

Black Work Cartoon 

Dark cartoons

Freckle manuscript | QB

New traditional & Black work 

New Tradition & Black Gray

BOBmanuscript| BOB

Chinese pattern & Traditional tattoo 

& Japanese tattoo

Oriental pattern, traditional tattoo, Japanese tattoo

Part.2 100 tattoo vouchers for the temple

✺ 1000 points = 100¥ tattoo voucher

(Can be used for custom drafts)

✧1000 Temple points = 100¥ Tattoo Voucher 

( For Custom-made tattoo )

✺ Tattoo vouchers A maximum of 2 photos are stacked per image

(Cannot be used in conjunction with other vouchers or promotions)

Part.3 A set of temple stickers(14张)

✺ 1000 points Shengmiao customization - stickers 1 set

✧1000  Temple points = Temple sticker 

 ✺ Each set of stickers contains 14 patterns, covering all styles of Shengmiao tattoos!

Part.4 Ming Ting Restaurant - Menu exchange

Ming Ting Restaurant started in 1997

The soul of Chengdu Fly House

Michelin Bib Gourmand recommends restaurants

✺ 1000 points Ming Ting Restaurant (common to both stores) - Menu exchange

(Limited to one per table, check the details of the dishes when redeeming)

✧1000  Temple points MingTing restaurant - Dish coupon

Part.5 White Shark Fighting - One private lesson

White Shark Combat Training Camp is a fighting training organization,

The organization was founded by Gu Hui and was established in 2014

✺ 2000 points One private lesson at White Shark Fight Club (common to all stores)

✧2000  Temple points BaiSha Fighting Club

= A private lession coupon

Part.6&7 Barbershop vouchers

✺ 500 points Traveling Barber Salon (common to all three stores) - ¥20 voucher

✧500  Temple points XINGYUN Barber Shop - 20¥ coupon

✺ 1000 points Xingyun Barber Hall (common to all three stores) - ¥50 voucher

✧1000  Temple points XINGYUN Barber Shop - 50¥ coupon 

Part.8 20% off Fenglin Volcano Japanese yakiniku

✺ 1000 points Kazebayashi Volcano - Japanese yakiniku 20% off coupons

✧1000 Temple points.  FENGLINGHUOSHAN BBQ - 20%OFF coupon

Part.9 Jingrui Hospital Cat/dog in vitro deworming once

✺ 1500 points elite pet hospital - cat/dog in vitro deworming once

✧1500 Temple points

JINGRUI Pet Hospital - Cat&Dog repellent coupon

Part.10 Nanmen Craft Brewing 1 bottle of any home-brewed wine

✺1000 points South Gate Craft Brewing - 1 bottle of any home-brewed wine

✧1000 Temple points = A Free Beer coupon at NANMEN Craft Beer BAR

To keep up with Temple’s current booking in either Shanghai or Chengdu, be sure to follow:





LITTLE RED BOOK:Tattoo of the temple TEMPLE






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